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Our Approach

Located in Cornwall, Way Forward Dog Training is all about looking forward to the future and having a positive relationship with your dog by empowering you as the owner with the tools you need. We aim to resolve a variety of issues and seek to show you how to have additional fun with your furry family member. We currently serve most of Cornwall and run group training classes in St Austell, Roche and Liskeard – see our services page for more information.


Our head trainer Alice has worked with dogs in a rescue capacity as well as grooming for many years. She holds a FdSc with Merit in Canine Behaviour and Training and is currently studying for her BSc in Canine Behaviour. Alice has already achieved her Diploma in Canine Behaviour Training and a Level 3 in Award in Dog Training achieving a Higher Distinction which means her theory and practical skills are rigorously assessed. Alice believes in the importance of nutrition in canine behaviour and has achieved a Diploma in Pet Nutrition,  holds a current full First Aid Certificate and is proud to be a full member of the Pet Professional Guild. Alice is also a current full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) – which requires a rigorous 2-day assessment of both practical skills and theory.

Alice attends regular seminars and courses to improve her skills and knowledge. Alice has attended courses in the following subject areas:

  • Building Cooperation with dogs
  • Pet Microchipping
  • Platform Training
  • Predatory Chase Behaviour
  • Trick Classes
  • Behaviour and Training Problems
  • Nutrition
  • Kennel Club Sports Science
  • Animal First Aid
  • Hoopers

Alice more recently has a keen interest in the new sport of Hoopers and is now an accredited Canine Hoopers UK (CHUK) Instructor and has begun training her own dogs for competitions, as well as offering training classes and private lessons.

Alice has spent many years working with rescue dogs to help them overcome a variety of issues in order to help them be placed in the most suitable homes. From a young age Alice has been fascinated with canine behaviour, which led her to work with wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust. This work helped Alice gain further insight into how animals learn and why they may behave in certain ways.

Alice also competes in obedience and agility with her own dogs, having qualified to compete in obedience at Crufts 2018. Alice did exceptionally well in her obedience class, coming 4th within her group!

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