Frequently Asked Questions


Our aim is to provide you with a variety of training options that best suit your needs and set both you and your dog up for success on their training journey. We treat all dogs individually and tailor our training to suit all owners. 

Our team possess a vast array of training qualifications. Our Head Trainer holds a BSc in Canine Behaviour management amongst other diplomas and guide associations. Visit our about us page for more info! 

As long as you are consistent with your dog and follow your trainer’s advice, you will absolutely see changes with lasting results. 

Welfare is our top priority when training your dogs. That’s why only use modern scientific methods of positive reinforcement training.

The tools we use are based around force free training methods, therefore we use tools like clickers, expert observation and a whole heap of fun in our training sessions!

Simple answer. We wouldn’t work for free so neither will your dog! 

At Way Forward Dog Training Solutions we help with a vast array of behaviour problems, including aggression. Our Head Trainer will oversee all behavioural cases to help you understand your dog. We aim to discover the root cause of your dog’s issues in order to help change inappropriate behaviours. 

We don’t charge per dog, we charge per session, therefore it’s up to you if you would like to split your session of wanting 121 training between your dogs. 

All training options have a multi block booking discount! 

Never! We train dogs of all ages, training should start from day 1 – whether that’s an 8 week old puppy that’s just come home or perhaps you’ve just collected an 8 year old rescue – we can help!

Absolutely! We offer both group and private training to suit your requirements.

We currently have venues in both Ilkeston and Somercotes with new venues on the horizon! 

At Way Forward Dog Training Solutions we offer training options that work. That’s why we like to arrange sessions that guide you on your journey in dealing with your dog’s behaviour. That way you’ll be equipped with the skills your need to train your dog in the future and help build that training bond!

This entirely depends on the dog. All behavioural problems require a professional assessment, after which we will discuss the most appropriate training options for you. Long-term behaviours that your dog has been practicing for 3 years will not disappear overnight. We provide you with everything you need to resolve your dog’s problems and training success will require your committee too. We don’t offer false quick fixes that reappears once the trainer goes home – we offer training that deals with the route cause that can help your dog make better decisions in the future. 

Yes, we train all dogs regardless of age, breed or size. 

Absolutely! All our trainers are fully insured for all activities we offer. All our trainers are also First Aid trained.